R.I.P Stan Lee…

It’s really hard to receive these news, but they are all over the internet right now. Stan Lee, the great mind behind Marvel, just passed away at age 95. And even if you don’t like Marvel or the superheroes universe as a whole, it’s undeniable how much Stan Lee contributed to pop culture. His stories […]

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Frontier – Summary

Frontier – A Novel By Erwin Wensley Synopsis: When portals showed up around the world and gave access to a more technologically advanced Earth, the government created a group known as “Pathfinders” to explore the resources of the Other Side. Exploitation, however, led the Other Side to counterattack, resulting in the so-called Great War that […]

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Frontier – Chapter Three

Lisa has always criticized me for preferring to live in capsules than in homes, but the truth is that I have never been able to see myself living a normal life in an entire house. Of course today I don’t have many options, but back then I had. Lisa even proposed that we move together […]

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Frontier – Chapter Two

The sniper is aimed at my head, and it keeps like that for a few moments. Now I can see the face of the woman dressed in a black tank top and a vest of the same color, whose brown hair is tied in a ponytail. The sun above her makes my head ache, and […]

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